Vending Machines in Offices

April 28, 2016

Employee well-being determines organisational growth. Therefore, it is vital to keep employees satisfied in regards to their peckish needs. A vending machine in the office creates a win-win situation for all. By covering costs for the organisation and keeping staff members fed and focused, round the clock.

Work Place Vending:

Nobody likes to be late for work, which means skipping breakfast on some mornings. And as we know, a rumbling tummy often makes one a mumbling dummy. Our vending machines can be stocked with a large variety of healthy snacks and drinks that suit different tastes and can be procured by employees in an instant, all within the comfort of their office space.

Working till late? Well, a vending machine never sleeps and provides 24×7 refrigerated conveniences to your work force.

Hassle Free Maintenance and Tracking:

Renting a vending machine for your work place does not create more work for your staff. Our team of technicians and product experts monitor the machines in real time through state of the art Remote Technologies and by regularly visiting machine sites. This helps us to know well in advance about restocking needs and any maintenance that the vending machines might need.

Why Keep A Vending Machine At Workplace?

  • Healthy employees = Productive employees
  • Hassle free maintenance and restocking
  • More time for important tasks
  • Cover operation costs through sales
  • Employee satisfaction

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