Vending machines for Healthcare Facilities

April 28, 2016

When we think about a hospital, we usually think about long durations of wait. This waiting time can be made pleasant for the visitors and for the hospital/medical clinic as well. Visitors seek refreshment in forms of beverages and snacks, and hospitals can seek to increase profitability and convenience for visitors and employees.

Hospital employees dedicate a lot of their energy in looking after patients, and often do not have much time to refresh themselves. However, with the presence of vending machines, this is no longer a setback. Our machines can provide healthy snacks and beverages instantly, while maintaining their freshness and increasing staff productivity. Conveyer belt technologies in our machines ensure that the items retain their original state in the process of vending.

Adopting the Healthcare Ethos:

Keeping in mind the massive responsibilities of a hospital, we offer a green solution by providing machines that consume lower power and minimise carbon emissions.

In accordance to the health oriented image of healthcare facilities, our team of experts possess a solid understanding of nutritional guidelines. The healthy items in our list comprise of most of the ‘amber’ and ‘green’ ticked products and much more from a wide range of popular brands, in addition to your customised preferences.

Within our healthy range variety, our Snack Vending machines and Drink Vending machines offer wide range of products to choose from.

As we have large demand of these products from schools, gyms, offices and factories, the product list is ever expanding.

All the products offered in this range are in accordance with the stipulated guidelines of approved products for all premises including schools and gyms. This is aimed to provide healthier alternative to the society.

As well being is the most important part of our lives, we customise the needs of every customers and prepare the product mix for each locations that would suit them.

Our healthy range of products consist of following broad categories. Within these catogeries we can offer several varieties and flavors.

Healthcare Prducts

  • Fruit Drinks- Apple,lemon,Berry & more..
  • Several variety of Water
  • Juices- Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant & more..
  • Ice Tea-Lemon, Peach ,Green & more..
  • Mineral Water-
  • Milk/Flavoured Milk- Chocolates,Iced Coffee, Strawberry & more..
  • Sports Water-Lemon,Lime & more..
  • Fruit bars- Apple, Apricot, Fruit & more…
  • Salty Snacks- Smiths Variety e.g twisties, Burger Rings etc
  • PopCorns-Plain, BBQ, Cheese & more..
  • Cereal Bars-Apple, Cinnamon, Forrest Fruit, Raspberry & more….
  • Energy Bars-Nestle Brand variety available
  • Variety of Salads-St.Dalfour variety
  • Fruit Chips-Mother Earth, Sun Rise with various varities

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