Customised Vending Solutions for Gyms

April 28, 2016

While the body works out, the mind often craves for refreshment, which is why vending machines at a gym serves an important purpose. At SVA Vending, our machines are filled up with those items for which there is a greater demand, ensuring profitability and member satisfaction. Our vending machines are integrated with low power consumption technologies, which reduces your expenses on power and rightfully reduces carbon emissions.

With the rising trend towards to pro-health food products, our focus on offering nutritional and wholesome products has intensified. The freshness of items is prolonged by temperature controlled machines that offer dynamic choices to include items like salads in the machines. One of the greatest benefits of vending machines at gyms is the availability of items 24×7, eliminating the need for staff members to man any kind of counters. When it comes to payments, the items can be paid for by cash, cards and cashless solutions.

Our team of experts have a deep understanding of customer preferences and nutritional guidelines, which enable them to recommend the best product options including most ‘amber’ and ‘green’ ticked snacks, in addition to your own customised preferences.

You don’t need to worry about restocking or maintenance, thanks to the remote data technology, which informs us well in advance about restocking. This technology enables us to track the product sales in real time and also keeps our engineers informed about any issues with the machines.

Remarkable profit making opportunities without extra effort!

SVA Vending understands your need and offers customised vending machines for your gym or health center. With the growing demand of customised gym vending machines, SVA supports you fully by closely working with you to cater ideal vending machine solutions. It provides remarkable profit making opportunities and excellent service to your members and staff.

SVA offers fully refrigerated and temperature monitor vending machines that enable all your temperature sensitive products stay fresh.

Benefits of vending machines at Gyms & Health Centers:

Facts state that a gym or health center can earn additional good sum of profit per year using a customised gym vending machine which sells sports nutrition products. A customised vending solution for a gym offers following benefits to the owner:

  • 24/7 availability of sports nutrition products
  • Extra income from all existing members
  • Remotely monitored vending machine

As your gym operates 24/7 or most of the time of the day, it allows the members to make use of all the facilities at any point of time. This reasonably opens the opportunity of installing vending machines where enrolled members can be sold nutritional products.

The vending machine will work as unmanned retail shop at your gym selling products to your members and staff 24/7.

It will also offer added sales of products and a great experience to the members who are always on the go and have no time to shop for nutritional products from super markets. SVA has all the needed vending solutions for your gym and it even gives you some added benefits.

Why SVA for your Gym?

  • By choosing SVA for vending machine solutions you get:
  • 24/7 Vending Machine (which is no less than a retail shop)
  • Remotely monitored vending machine
  • Compatible nutritional products
  • Added profit from existing members
  • Handy help to members and staff
  • High rate of staff productivity
  • Customer retention
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Credit card and cashless solution

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