Healthy Vending Machine

April 28, 2016

Vending machines are infamous for stocking unhealthy foods like high calorie bars and carbonated drinks. Thanks to constant requirements by parents and health groups, Healthy Vending Machines are gaining in popularity too.

No doubt, stocking completely healthy Vending Machine is not easy and more of a risk. First of all, the demands, still and has always been, are high for unhealthy foods among teenagers, the biggest users of vending machines. Secondly, healthy food is not as widely available as the unhealthy food items. No matter what, a chocolate bar, which tastes exactly like the regular bar while low on fat and sugar, can cheer anybody up.

While a no fat, no sugar, great tasting bar are far from reality, we do have an extensive choice of healthy drinks and snacks. These choices might be faint right now but with the growing awareness, the scenario is changing gradually.

There are number of healthy products that are hitting market every day and now. Many traditional provider of vending machine stockable food items are now looking for providing healthy alternatives, as well. Putting a healthy vending machine along with the regular ones is a great idea, nevertheless.

At SVA vending group, we strongly believe in propagating healthy vending machine awareness, providing go healthy choices in dedicated as well as standalone vending machines. In addition, we can also include healthy picks into the variety of regular drink and snack selections.

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