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  • I cannot overstate the help and service provided by SVA Vending in organising a state of the art vending machine for our workplace.
    They made it wonderfully simple, yet very effective approach on how to organise machine from start to finish. We high received high level of service from S.V.A Vending and have no hesitation recommending them.

    Sarah, CBD Melbourne

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About SVA Vending

SVA vending, Australia's leading and most reliable vending machine company, has an experience of more than 5 years in this industry. At SVA, we take great pride in providing fabulous client services with extreme professionalism in manufacturing and marketing custom Vending Machines for your business. Read more.

Australia's Leading Vending Machine Specialist in Melbourne

A search for a coin operated vending machines available to be purchased in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or other parts of Australia, which are durable, constantly stocked, and decently kept up at the business/work place, is incomplete without a SVA Vending Machine. It offers complete range of coin vending machines and related services to many commercial establishments across Australia.

As a pioneer in coin operated vending machines, SVA offers everything that takes it to be the first choice: finest services, precise operations of the machines, attractive design, and multi functionality. SVA coin vending machines caters to various industries in Australia with their drink machines and snack machines offering and exceptional services. In addition, we offer FREE installation of Drink Vending Machines, Combination Vending Machines, and Snack Vending Machines.

Our choices are not restricted to common top picks like Cadbury's, Arnott's, Smith's & Coke. We also offer the vending machines to be occupied with a range of healthy food products if requested by our customers.

Further, we strictly adhere to global as well local guidelines for minimising the Environmental Effects of vending machines. Are you opting for one of our vending machine for your business or our vending machine for your work place? Then don’t worry about power consumption as we strongly integrate energy reduction systems into the vending machines, cutting your power expense and carbon emission.

Get a Free & Reliable Vending Machine for Your Workplace

Maintenance and Restoration of vending machines is an integral part of our business. To achieve this part, we like to be in a symbiotic relation with our customers so that, both of the involved parties can be benefited in the long run. In lieu of this relation, we provide free vending machine for your business, as well as free vending machine for your work place. Read more.
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